Rules and Regulations

General Rules and Regulations

  1. Students must be in the school premises by 8:30am
  2. No one is allowed to leave the school premises without the permission of the principal. If a student is obliged to leave the school for some reason, a written request from the parents must be produced.
  3. For leave absence from the school, a student must obtain prior permission for the same and in an unavoidable circumstance he / she must produce a leave letter from parents / guardians when he / she returns.
  4. The child's performance in the class throughout the year, the regularity of attendance and conduct is taken into consideration at the time of promotion.
  5. Regular assessment will be made on the basis of quality of their daily work in the class.
  6. Student who fail more than once in the same class will be asked to leave the school.
  7. A student whose conduct, in the opinion of the Principal is not in keeping with the rules of the school, whose application is unsatisfactory or whose parents will show little interest in the progress, will be requested to leave.
  8. On their way to and fro school, pupils are expected to behave themselves in a manner befitting the image of the institution.
  9. A student should not leave the school premises to buy roadside eatables during the interval.
  10. The school authorities are not responsible for the loss of any articles belonging to the students if they are not labelled. Damage of any articles belong to the school by the students must be compensated.
  11. Application for Transfer Certificate will be accepted only it is written by pupil's father or mother with specific or genuine reason to avoid socio-legal complications. Such applications should bear the date of admission. The certificate will be issued only after three days between 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm. The father or the mother has to accompany their ward to receive the Transfer Certificate and also marks card.
  12. Admission to the school implies that the pupils abide by the rules and observe the discipline of the school.
  13. To avoid unnecessary complications, no teacher is permitted to insist that parents or students should entertain private tuition either in her house or in pupils house. However if the Head of the Institution feel that a pupil needs extra coaching a teacher might be allowed to take special class after the class hours.
  14. CC TV cameras are installed in the school premises to supervise the students.


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