Appeal to Parents / Guardians

Appeal to Parents / Guardians

Parents or guardians are requested to co-operate with the efforts of the school authorities by:

  • Urging their children to be punctual and regular in attendence.
  • Sending their children with neat, clean and full uniform, nail trimmed and hair brushed well (no coloured bangles, nail polish and anklets). In the light of frequent incidents of kidnapping of school children by unknown persons, parents are requested to refrain from sending their wards to school with costly jewellry (real or artificial)
  • Observe your wards performance in tests and examinations.
  • Check the assignments regularly at home.
  • Provide all the study materials and facilitate regular study habits.
  • Meet the class teacher regularly to know about the child's progress.
  • Send nutritious food for lunch (not just snacks) to keep the child fit and healthy.
  • Send the child compulsorily to attend all the national festivals and other celebrations in the school.
  • Maintain a decent dress code while visiting the school.


Study Certificate

Student seeking Study Certificate for admission to professional colleges as per C.E.T Rules will be issued study certificate under specific request in the particular format. Under any circumstances a duplicate certificate will not be issued.

Valuable Involvement

We welcome oral or written suggestions and active participation of learned parents, well wishers and their friends for the betterment of our institution.


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